Wisdom About Tattoos Makup and Dress TB Joshua

Wisdom About Tattoos Makup and Dress TB Joshua

Great information about what to do if you got a tattoo and then you became a Christian and Christians who got a tattoo for Jesus and the issue of makeup and dress in relation to the influence of your faith on others.
“Out ideology must be modified to suit our theology”-TB Joshua

John Bosco from Cameroon gave his testimony of how he had a tooth problem and a woman had advised him to take snuff tobacco as a solution to the problem. He became addicted to it which caused him to become very sick and lost a lot of weight. He was diagnosed as having tuberculosis and gastric ulcer and reached rock bottom in life. One night, he had a dream whereby he saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream who prayed for him. Soon after the dream he had a full recovery from his sicknesses and was restored back to his original self. To add to his blessing, he was also offered a good job from an offshore company with good pay and his life experienced a dramatic turnaround for the better. He was so overjoyed at the healing and blessing he received that he asked himself what he could do to say, “Thank you”. He then called a tattoo artist and asked him to design a tattoo for him written, “Jesus Is Lord, T.B. Joshua My Prophet”. He had the tattoo inscribed on his back. Later, he read a portion in the Bible in Leviticus 19:28 which spoke against the act of putting marks of any sort on the body and immediately regretted it. He was so disturbed in his mind that he sent an email to the man of God T.B. Joshua asking what he could do. The prophet then invited him to come.

After sharing his experience, the man of God addressed the issue. “Just see it as one of those things on your body, not for God. If you see it like that, press forwards to serve God in Spirit and in truth. Don’t see it as a way of pleasing God. Don’t let it disturb you anymore. Put it behind you. Since you can’t remove it, leave it and serve God.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua further said, “Faith is of man’s spirit, not of his flesh or body”. He advised the man that he should see the tattoo as something for his body and not for God. He said now that he had realized it was wrong, he should put it behind him and seek God. He said the tattoo had no meaning to God and is not to please God. He also advised Christians who already had tattoos and wanted to remove them, not to have them surgically removed as this was a trap of satan. He concluded by saying that when we worship God in Spirit and truth, whatever we have put on our body is nullified.

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