Blasphemers And Seducers (New) Cut7

Blasphemers And Seducers (New) Cut7
Throughout the years since the onset of TB Joshuas ministry till this present day, stories continue to appear in magazines, newspapers and internet websites each with a different accusation, rumour or allegation. The controversial ministry of TB Joshua had attracted varied attention from the media worldwide both positive and negative such that many have come to the church to make inquiries for themselves. One might ask the question: Why such diametrically opposite and conflicting views could exist about the same person. This is not the first time the case of a minister of God has become an argument among his people. During the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ many arguments arose about His antecedent. Some said that He was a devil; others claimed He is a good man. Still others said He deceived the people. Nicodemus decided to visit Jesus in the night to make sure of all things before holding fast to that which is true. In the words of Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:21, we should not take all we see, all we hear, all we read and all we are told without questioning to find out the truth from God. Find out the truth and let the truth set you free

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