Demon “Omega” Village Strong Man Resides in Christian- Demon Spills the Beans.

Demon “Omega” Village StrongMan Resides in Christian- Demon Spills the Beans.

Chatty demon describes how the demonic works in and around us. Also describes those with us are greater than those with the enemy. Wise man Daniel deliverance minister. -3:30 – “You and the other ones. The angels.” Forest Demon. Water Demon. Demon of the Air. Feeding Demon. 4:47 – “I put accident, and he prayed over it.” Meaning, our prayers thwart demonic assignments over ourselves? – 5:00- Wise man Daniel asks, “How is prayer affecting you?” The demon responds, “Prayer affected me a lot. All over me. With fire all over me.” (Click blue numbers to skip to video.) – 5:25- “What is going to happen?” As with Legion, which Jesus sent into the pigs, apparently demons fear the unknown of their fate when they leave a body. Many, many times, demons will ask, “Where do I go?” or, “Where do you want me to go?” TB Joshua’s ministers tell them to go back where they came, or, “Out of this body.” or nothing at all- simply casting them out. Most act like they will “die” if they leave “their” body; some are quite ready to leave, being tormented by being exposed to the Light. – 2:00 – “I am the Omega.” – 1:30 – “I will move as a soldier.” – 1:14 – “I eat anything I want. I eat all his belonging(s).” Eats the blessings/belongings?- 2:07 – “I float is how I walk.” Our enemy moves about as a roaring lion- extremely interesting how OTHER people’s demons , or demons using a person’s body as a host, move FROM that person to do evil in OTHER people’s lives!!! Aren’t you glad you are a Christian? Sunday, 2nd service, 13 May, 2012. Praise Jesus Deliverer.

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