Self Gratification’ (masturbation) IS NOT a SIN! (says satan) Sunday Live, 13 Jan 13

Self Gratification’ (masturbation) IS NOT a SIN! (says satan) Sunday Live, 13 Jan 13

Christian, as you can see from the testimony AFTER Deliverance, the world (satan) encourages you to sexual excitement at every turn (in whatever mode, flavor [perversion] ‘appeals’ to ‘your’ mind – in other words, “Whatever floats your boat…”), while at the same time it tells you, “It is ‘our’ ‘Dirty Little Secret.'” (Wise Man Daniel, Deliverance Minister)

This sin (a thought, action opposed to God’s plan of holiness for your earthly destiny; a thought, action in agreement with satan’s destiny for your destruction), is quite clearly exposed here by this DEMON’s confession- THROUGH masturbation- satan HAS CONTROL of your MIND (and flesh!).

For some of us, this is perhaps the last, or shoud I say the most difficult and most pernicious (subtle), Unclean Spirit to remove. Because: 1. We think it is ‘inevitable’- a ‘part of our personality’, or a ‘condition of our flesh’. 2. Satan has our minds beclouded. 3. We think it is ‘personal’, not hurting anyone else, therefore a VERY minor infraction, or BARELY a sin at all- possibly even a ‘good thing’- e.g. a ‘tension releaser.’ 4. (Many, many reasons- unknown to me!)

PLEASE BE AWARE- Masturbation is a condition (demon) APART from Pornography/Lust/Fornication- though, obviously, related.

I will copy and paste here comments I made on a ‘Demon Masturbation Upload’ I typed up on 12 January- because the part of ‘No Shame’ must be added to these comments- I will also provide a link to that video inside this upload:
As this Demon Queen clearly states- whether or not YOU (I) repent- these unclean spirits(DEMONS, SATAN) claim a ‘RIGHT’ to be in us through Masturbation (never mind Pornography demons- they are an ‘extra.’) Don’t get me wrong – we repent, renounce the behavior and satan, and we are washed clean by the Blood of Jesus Christ. As evidenced that WE HAVE NO CONTROL over the masturbation, it comes upon us gradually and uncontrollably- it is EVIDENCE that, either we have not made an effort to RENEW OUR MINDS, as we are TOLD to do, or that the Spirit of Lust (Demon) still RESIDES in us. IF YOU find yourself in occasional masturbation, it DOES NO GOOD TO SHAME YOURSELF! But… KNOW you are UNDER ATTACK, and the NEXT EPISODE you will be ABLE to RECOGNIZE and FIGHT (submitting to the will of God for your destiny of Holiness, and by the POWER of the Holy Spirit, the Blood of Jesus Christ, and in the MIGHTY name of Jesus Christ). Again, NO shame in Jesus Christ- PICK yourself UP, DUST yourself off, and GET BACK INTO BATTLE! This is a ‘dirty’ little ‘secret’ that satan USES to keep us from COMPLETE VICTORY in Jesus Christ. I AGREE with you , CHRISTIAN, that this Spirit of LUST is BOUND in you NOW, in Jesus Christ’s Mighty name! I LOOSE into YOU (who are now in CHRISTIAN agreement) a Spirit of Godly Indignation (Elijah,Jehu) to combat satan’s HOOKS in your FLESH, and MIND….. now GET deliverance! Self- deliverance, mass-deliverance, minister deliverance, Holy Ghost deliverance, I don’t care- the important thing is to GET SATAN OUT! Saturday Service Live 12 January, 2013, Wise Man Christopher, Deliverance Minister.
( ADDED NOTE FOR DELIVERANCE MINISTERS- WHEN you receive a ‘Flash of Arousal’ in your sexual organs when contacted by a person- KNOW the person you are speaking to/messaging/texting has MAJOR demons- I’m not saying do not minister to the person- I AM SAYING- BIND that demon first!)

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