Demon ‘Messenger’ calling on Principality

Demon ‘Messenger’ calling on Principality “mazaga, lord of the animal

Demon ‘messenger from the third heaven’ (who has more than 50 destroyed ministries under its belt), claims that it will be made a GENERAL (implying the source of MOTIVATION for demons to destroy people- RANK and POWER in the demonic realm!) after destroying the TB Joshua ministry. Very interesting to watch a demon “PRAY” to(petition) its Principality, or Ruler, ‘Mazaga,’ for demonic assistance- demons not from local (a thousand of which were not sufficient), but (stronger, or more resilient to ‘local’ prayers?) ‘INTERNATIONAL’ demons (mimicking how a Christian would ask the FATHER for WARRIOR ANGELS!). According to ‘Messenger’, 10,000 demons entered this body to thwart this deliverance! The very end- with interview, after the deliverance is completed, is at the end of the video. Wise Man John Chi, Deliverance Minister, Thursday Prayer Line Live, 6 December, 2012, approximately 3:30 PM EST. Also note the demon’s use, not the PERSON’S use, of a “PRAYER” CLOTH in the attempt to block deliverance! The cloth also empowers (coordination in the satanic realm) the young man to declare people healed. Note, demons give out CORRECT “PROPHECY” (not prophecy as in Godly direction, but prophecy as in fulfilling desires), in order to manipulate those receiving prophecy! Also note the specific and intentional demonic use of demonized PARISHIONERS to undo pastors! Note, the demon calls ITSELF ‘Mazaga’ (when it later prays TO Manzaga, and looks forward to being promoted BY, Mazaga)- but the correct interpretation of that would be, “I am OF Mazaga.” (explaining why we here, in North America, run in to so many “Jezebels” – they are demons ‘OF Jezebel’- not necessarily Jezebel itself- or Lucifer, or Beelzebub). Also note that the demon says, that if it were to say the name (Jesus Christ), it would ‘KILL’ itself- which, in reverse, is what would happen to a Christian spiritually, calling on Lucifer/Satan. Interesting to note that, to the demon, there is POWER in forming the demonic HAND SIGN (with the uncut fingernails representing submission to demonic will), mimicking how a Christian might use his/her own hand to give the grace, or blessing, of the Living God. Also note that the demon uses its hands to deflect and use, direct, ENERGY – ON THE DELIVERANCE MINISTER- to block the deliverance! – exactly in the same fashion a deliverance minister would direct energy to dislodge demons!!! I do not believe it is an accident that satan held this to the VERY LAST ‘on air’ deliverance- when everyone would be most tired, dull, and most motivated to cut it short; and also, I do not believe it is an accident that the Holy Spirit DID NOT LET THIS SLIP BY (as well as having me pay close attention at that particular time- joining in the deliverance prayers)! Praise God, thank You Jesus. A very significant and informative deliverance (if not THE most informative)- God willing, Emmanuel TV will air the blocked portion of the deliverance. By the way, the breaking of the generational curse brought on by the grandmother’s dedication to a village/home idol, which was destroyed by an earlier encounter with prayer at SCOAN, DID NOT break the Principality assignment (utterly destroy the church by removing pastors), nor remove this demon… (though it did lead to this following deliverance)… indicating that the demonic realm will sacrifice, give up, subordinate demons, to maintain a larger objective- supporting Jesus’ assertion that we must bind the Strongman first… the idol was the primary power, being 1st, and being established- but it was not the ‘ruling’ power… the ‘ruling’ power being this ‘Messenger would-be General’, itself subordinate to a Principality, as described in Ephesians 6:12. Quite pleasing to know, as a Christian, that a demon can call on a force of 10,000 powers, and, at best, only delay the inevitable defeat.

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