(Butterfly Butt) TATTOO Covenant SNAKE- Demon Power: LEGS,

Butterfly Butt Tattoo. LEGS, FEET , HANDS. Snake Sleeper. Water (Fish) Demon. Wise Man Harry, after delivering mother of Demon Giant Man UnderWaterWorld, delivers this Demon Snake, Tattoo Covenant, Dream Satan Initiator. Sunday Live Services, 6 January, 2013. (About this ‘Seduction Power’- and again, “Imitation Satan”- satan has never created a single thing, but he imitates/mimicks everything of God’s. A woman’s attractiveness- twisted, perverted, and animated by demonic powers is used to Kill, Steal, and Destroy. A woman’s natural beauty, in God’s order is designed for Godliness- Love, Nuturing, Helpmeet…

Proverbs 31:
The words of Lemuel king of Massa, which his mother taught him:

2 What, my son? What, son of my womb? What [shall I advise you], son of my vows and dedication to God?

3 Give not your strength to [loose] women, nor your ways to those who and that which ruin and destroy kings.

4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, or for rulers to desire strong drink,

5 Lest they drink and forget the law and what it decrees, and pervert the justice due any of the afflicted.

6 Give strong drink [as medicine] to him who is ready to pass away, and wine to him in bitter distress of heart.

7 Let him drink and forget his poverty and [seriously] remember his want and misery no more.

8 Open your mouth for the dumb [those unable to speak for themselves], for the rights of all who are left desolate and defenseless;

9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, and administer justice for the poor and needy.

10 A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman

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